Source: Love



Love is better beyond feelings.
To love beyond feelings is loving for eternity.

Feelings eventually varnish. Feelings change with the upgrade.

Love doesn’t gets seduced. It steaks till the end.

Feelings gets seduced, feelings move on, feelings collides with a different kind of feeling. The latter feeling overshadows the former feeling and deceits set in.

Love, love love, love gets even better and more beautiful when you run with it consciously and sets every feeling as last!

In the midst of the upgrade, love disciplines itself and stays true to its first goals and gets stronger and better!

Love for eternity is conscious of the fact that feelings always gets corrupted, that’s why it puts the creation first.

There it is!

Love eternal!


Let’s share, even the little we’ve got. We live by giving to our world, not only to our friends and family but also to those we might see only once.

Share without the thought of getting something in return. Love without the thought of getting love in return.

We must share even the little we’ve got.